Hi. Welcome to my blog and the underground world of my life as a high end escort. Who also happens to be a nice, little Jewish girl from suburbia.
Have you ever wanted to know who we are? What it is like to be me? Well here you go. This is a daily blog of the ups and downs of my crazy, little life. My clients. My love life. My real life. From the funny misadventures, to the real struggles I face as a woman. As Jacy. The real, raw, vulnerable truth. Here it is. All of me. Welcome to my world.

Comment Guidelines

Thank you for coming to my blog, and more importantly, wanting to be a part of the conversation.  I do believe in the beauty of discussion and its ability to open minds and gives voices a platform to be heard.  Thought provoking insights are very welcome.  Even if they oppose my own.  I do not believe my voice or my opinions are the only important or correct ones.  I want to hear what you have to say.  That being said, I do have some guidelines for posting. All posts will be screened before being published.  If your comment was not published, it most likely violated one of these terms:

  1. Keep on topic.  Comments on blogs tend to go off in a zillion different directions to where the original content is no longer what is even being discussed. Don’t go down the rabbit hole.  Stay on topic.
  2. Opinions opposing mine, or other commenters are welcome.  While obviously I would just love for everyone to agree with me, the fact is, there are billions of people in this world with billions of life experiences.  This means different upbringings, different cultures, different perspectives.  What is right and true for one may vastly differ from another.  We will not all agree on everything.  It does not make one right, wrong, good, bad, or better.  Just different. Voice your opinions, respect others.  Forcing your beliefs on others rarely works.  Respectfully agree to disagree.  It does not have to divide you.  Maintain your opinion, but seek to understand others.
  3. While opposing opinions are welcome, they must be phrased in a way that is respectful. Outright criticism without being constructive will not be posted. Other grounds for dismissal are comments littered with hate, judgment, demeaning someone, or being passive aggressive. Threats, attacks, or harassment to myself or another commenter will not be tolerated.  Aggressive commenters will be banned.  This is a blog to open people’s minds, not shut them down. It is meant to be a safe place to facilitate what may be some controversial and provocative material.
  4. All comments are solely the opinions of the individuals submitting them and publishing them on jewishamericanprostitute.com does not imply endorsement or agreement by me or the site.
  5. Do not post anything you are not prepared to hear an opposing viewpoint on. I have to be open minded as the writer, which is not always easy.  Keep your mind open as the commenter.
  6. Spam is unacceptable and will not be published. Posting links to external content that has even a hint of promotion will not be published.
  7. Understand that written content both in my blog, and other’s comments are often misunderstood. This is usually the impetus for most arguments both in real life and the online world.  Allow others to clarify perspectives if they seem to feel they are not being interpreted correctly. Also, manage your own triggers. If something is making you angry, it is likely triggering an emotional hot button for you.  You may voice your anger, but do it constructively and with thought. It is more likely to be heard and received by the other person if you are not putting them on the defensive by lashing out at them, hurling judgments, or criticism in their direction.  That is communication 101 and a little free coaching for ya too!  So to sum it up, bottom line is, if your comments come across as aggressive, antagonistic, or threatening in any manner, they will not be posted.  Make love, not war.
  8. If you notice your post has not been published after several days, you may inquire with me by contacting me.  If you are rude when you query me, you will not get a reply.
  9. This is my blog.  I reserve the right to have final say over what appears on it.  End. Of. Story.

After all of these guidelines, pretty please do not be intimidated to comment.  Constructive conversation is very, very welcome and I want to hear from you.  Thanks for contributing to me and the rest of the world.


Jacy Marsik