Hi. Welcome to my blog and the underground world of my life as a high end escort. Who also happens to be a nice, little Jewish girl from suburbia.
Have you ever wanted to know who we are? What it is like to be me? Well here you go. This is a daily blog of the ups and downs of my crazy, little life. My clients. My love life. My real life. From the funny misadventures, to the real struggles I face as a woman. As Jacy. The real, raw, vulnerable truth. Here it is. All of me. Welcome to my world.

Work With Me

This is for if you want to hire me for life coaching or sex industry consulting. No actual sex is being offered here.  Sorry.  Perverts! 😉


Anyways, now that we have that out of the way…


Coaching is something I am super passionate about and I love seeing people have their own personal breakthroughs.  My life experiences have taught me a whole lot about this world we live in and I have done a pretty good job of learning to navigate it. But it can be tough to do it all on our own sometimes.  I know I have had a lot of amazing people who have brought me to a place of feeling resilient and confident that I can handle whatever comes my way. Which is why I want to be that support system for you to get to that next level in your own life and to know that anything is possible.


One thing I know I can bring to you, is my passion for seeing you live your life to the fullest and becoming all of you.  Your true, authentic self.  My best tool is my keen sense of intuition.  I have a talent for picking up on the things that are not being said and bringing them into your conscious awareness so we can deal with things on a deep level and create some real momentum for moving things forward.  Let’s get out of the muck of life and have you shining at your brightest.


While I can technically coach anyone, I do feel I can be a better fit for some people than others.  No coach is meant for every person. A lot of where I feel most equipped to help are in the areas I have personally had the most experience and have done the most work on myself.  If I have created a new reality, I know I can help you too, if you are committed. So while this list is not exhaustive and you can certainly contact me no matter what, you can use this as a guide.


-Do you have big dreams? Do you have a vision of what you want to do with your life that makes your heart sing?  Something that makes your whole being light up when you think about it?  It may be a purpose or passion or some way you want to change the world.  But maybe you are experiencing some blocks to actualizing them.  These could be your own internal demons, or perhaps you have some external circumstances you feel may be preventing you from taking the plunge.  If this speaks to you, I get it!  Let’s get you moving in the direction of your dreams!


-Are you spiritual or open to a higher power of sorts?  Do you believe in the universe, God, or whatever you want to call it?  I stay away from bringing in any specific religion, but I do believe there is something operating at a level higher.  While a lot of my coaching includes practicality and dealing with everyday situations, I also look at how your current circumstances are fitting into the bigger picture of your life and where the universe may be guiding you to heal or grow.  The things in my life that caused the most pain and turmoil became the catalysts that propelled me into true transformation.  I have learned to be grateful for them.  Be of the mindset that life happens FOR you, not TO you.  Be interested in self- development and becoming more conscious and aware of what is driving your life.